Ford Ranger Windshield Washer Not Working – Causes And How To Fix It

Having a clear vision of the road ahead means better driving safety. What happens when the Ford Ranger windshield washer stops working? Driving in the rain or on dusty roads becomes impractical. The dirt on the Ranger windshield reduces visibility and exposes drivers to the risk of running into an accident.

Is your Ford Ranger windshield washer not working? Here are possible reasons and ways to fix these issues.

Blocked Spray Nozzles

The nozzles spray pressurized the washer fluid onto the windscreen. These nozzles get clogged with the accumulation of debris and dirt over time. Debris deposits around the nozzle, blocking it.

It is easier to clean spray nozzles in older car models. You will only need a pin or sharp object to prick the tip of the nozzle and remove accumulated dirt.

How can one confirm if the Ford Ranger windshield washer problem is due to a clogged spray nozzle?

Confirm if the washer pump works. Park the Ford Ranger in a quiet place and turn it on. Stand outside the car and switch on the windshield washer.

You will hear a low pump sound if it is functional. Complete silence means the pump is defective or the electrical connection is interrupted.

Blown Fuse For Washer Pump

The washer pump requires electric power and a fuse to protect it from excess current. A faulty fuse interrupts the electricity supply to the washer pump and thus cannot work. Turning on the Ford Ranger windshield washer causes the wipers to move, but no washer fluid is dispersed on the windshield.

Fixing fuse issues is inexpensive. Confirm the position and amp ratings of the defective washer pump fuse. Purchase a new fuse for Ford Ranger with a similar rating and use pliers or a fuse puller to remove the faulty fuse. Fix the new fuse in the holder and check if the power reaches the pump.

Pump Failure - No Power To Pump

Pump failure occurs when its power supply is interrupted. The Ford Ranger windshield washer pump can fail if one or more of its internal components are defective. Power supply interruptions occur if the pump fuse is faulty or the electrical connection is damaged.

You can verify the power supply to the pump by measuring the voltage across the pump connector terminals using a multimeter. A well-functioning pump electrical supply should return a reading of 12 V.

You can also check pump failures using the noise test. When the Ford Ranger windshield washer switch turns on, a working pump generates whirring noises. You should consider repairing or replacing the pump if it remains silent during the noise test.

Leaking Hose

Damage to the Ford Ranger windshield washer hose causes fluids to leak before reaching the spray nozzles. Washer fluid leakage leaves some puddles on the ground at the front.

Ford Ranger windshield washer hoses leak due to:

  • Reduced hose elasticity at connection points due to aging

  • Damage by rodents. They can puncture windshield washer hose pipes at various points.

Shut off the air-conditioning systems when inspecting windshield washer hoses for leakages. One can easily confuse condensation from the AC system as signs of washer fluid leakage.

Jammed Hose

Ford Ranger windshield washers can fail to work if the hose is blocked, although this rarely happens. Hose blockage results from the accumulation of dirt or debris lodged in the washer hose. This problem can also occur if the washer fluid freezes in cold temperatures.

You can check if the hose is blocked by detaching the end connected to the spray nozzle. Turn on the Ford Ranger windshield washer and observe if a fluid jet leaves the hose. A blocked hose cannot allow water to pass through it.

However, if the washer fluid gushes from the disconnected hose, the problem lies with the spray nozzles.

You can clear the blockage using a small brush or wire. It unclogs the hose and provides a clear passage for a pressurized fluid to reach the spray nozzles.

Frozen Washer Fluid

Ford Ranger windshield washers can fail to work during winter. It happens if the driver does not use the correct fluid washer mixture to overcome an extreme cold. The washer fluid solidifies and makes it difficult to pump. Use a suitable washer fluid combination when driving in winter. You can also consider warming the parking spaces to prevent the washer fluid from freezing.

Frozen washer fluid can also damage the Ranger’s reservoir since it expands, occupying more space.

Defective Switch

Sometimes the pump, electrical connections, washer fluid, spray nozzle and hoses could be in good working condition. However, the windshield washer may remain unresponsive after turning on the washer switch. This indicates the Ford Ranger washer switch is damaged and requires repair or replacement.

Dry Reservoir

Some Ford Ranger owners can go for days without checking the washer fluid levels in the reservoir. The washer fluid drains out and becomes unavailable when most needed.

You should frequently inspect washer fluid reservoir levels and refill the fluid in time. Regular reservoir inspection helps the driver to identify small leakages from damaged hoses or broken washer fluid containers.


Windshield washers can fail due to several reasons. You should learn how to troubleshoot various causes of defective Ford Ranger windscreen washers.

Engage an experienced mechanic if the underlying issue is beyond your comprehension.


How do you check the windscreen washer level on a Ford Ranger?

The washer fluid reservoir is located under the front hood of the vehicle, it is a clear container with a fill line indicator. Keep the washer fluid levels within the fill line. If the fluid washer level drops, refill it. Monitor these levels frequently to ensure the Ford Ranger windshield washer is always functional.

Is it OK to drive Ford Ranger with low washer fluid?

It is unsafe to drive with low washer fluid. It means the driver struggles with poor visibility when debris, bugs or dirt lodge on the windshield. Check the Ford Ranger washer fluid levels and regularly refill them before starting a journey.

How do you turn on the windscreen washer on a Ford Ranger?

You can turn on the windshield washer using the lever on the left side of the steering wheel. Some Ford models have a wiper stalk that activates the washer once pressed. You can also turn on the Ford Ranger windscreen washer using the control buttons on the steering wheel

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