2021 Ford Ranger Owners Manual - At a Glance

At a Glance


    Lighting control. See Lighting Control (page 77).
    Direction Indicator. See Direction Indicators (page 81).
    Audio control and Voice control. See Steering Wheel (page 72). D Instrument cluster. See Instrument Cluster (page 89).

E Cruise control switches. See Cruise Control (page 190). F Windshield wipers. See Windshield Wipers (page 75).

G Multi-function display. See General Information (page 96). H Upfitter switch. See Auxiliary Switches (page 409).

    Air vent.
    Hood release lever. See Opening and Closing the Hood (page 263).


    Steering wheel adjustment lever. See Adjusting the Steering Wheel (page 72).
    Ignition switch See Ignition Switch (page 141). . N Climate control. See Climate Control (page 117).


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