2021 Ford Ranger Owners Manual - Seats


The head restraints consist of:

Note: Adjust the seat backrest to an upright

    An energy absorbing head restraint.
    Two steel stems.
    Guide sleeve adjust and release button.
    Guide sleeve unlock and remove button (if equipped).

driving position before adjusting the head restraint. Adjust the head restraint so that the top of it is level with the top of your head and as far forward as possible. Make sure that you remain comfortable. If you are extremely tall, adjust the head restraint to its highest position.



Adjusting the Head Restraint

Pull the head restraint up.

    Press and hold button C.
    Push the head restraint down.
    Pull up the head restraint until it reaches the highest adjustment position.
    Press and hold buttons C and D.
    Pull up the head restraint.

Note: For rear outermost seats, fold the seat backrest forward for easier removal (only double cab).

Align the steel stems into the guide sleeves and push the head restraint down until it locks.


WARNING: Make sure the seat fully locks into place by rocking it backward and forward.

Adjusting the Recliner

Adjusting the Seat Height




Adjusting the Lumbar Support (If Equipped)



WARNING: Do not adjust the driver seat or seat backrest when your vehicle is moving. This may result in sudden seat movement, causing the loss of control of your vehicle.

WARNING: Do not place cargo or any objects behind the seatback before returning it to the original position.



Adjusting the Recliner





    Place the passenger side seat buckles behind the elastic strap on the seat backrest.
    Place the driver side seat buckle behind the elastic strap on the seat backrest.
    Pull the tether straps.
    Raise the seat cushion.

Note: When folding the cushion up, make sure that the seatbelt buckles are visible to an occupant and are not under the seat.

WARNING: Make sure that cargo and other objects are not trapped under the seat cushion and that you return the seat cushion to the full-down position. Failure to do so may prevent the seat from operating properly, which could increase the risk of serious injury in a crash.


    Push the seat cushion down.
    Remove the seatbelt buckles from behind the elastic strap on the seat backrest.

Note: You must stow the cushion tether strap in the pocket provided.

WARNING: When folding the seat backrest down, take care not to get your fingers caught in the mechanism.

Note: Do not use the rear surface of the rear seat backrest as a load floor.

Note: Do not unlatch and fold the seat backrest when the seat cushion is folded up.

especially if used for long periods of time. Do not place anything on the seat that may block the heat, such as a blanket or cushion. This can cause the heated seat to overheat. Do not puncture the seat with pins, needles or other pointed objects. This damages the heating element and can cause the heated seat to overheat. An overheated seat may cause serious personal injury.

    Pull the release strap up.
    Push the seat backrest forward.

WARNING: Make sure that the seats and the seat backrests are secure and fully locked in their catches.

Note: When unfolding the seat backrest, make sure that the seatbelts are visible to an occupant and not caught behind the seat.


Do not do the following:

    Place heavy objects on the seat.
    Operate the heated seat if water or any other liquid spills on the seat. Allow the seat to dry thoroughly.
    Operate the heated seats unless the engine is running. Doing so could drain your vehicle battery.


Press the heated seat symbol to cycle through the various heat settings and off. More indicator lights indicate warmer settings.

The heated seats only operate when you switch the ignition on.

The maximum temperature is reached after five or six minutes. It is regulated thermostatically.

The heated seats remain on until you either switch the heated seats off or you switch the ignition off.


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