2021 Ford Ranger Owners Manual - Tailgate


The tailgate lock can help prevent theft of the tailgate.

Insert the ignition key into the tailgate lock. Turn it to the left to lock the tailgate. Turn it to the right to unlock the tailgate.

You can use the power door lock control or the remote control to lock and unlock your tailgate.

WARNING: Always properly secure cargo to prevent shifting cargo or cargo falling from the vehicle. Failure to do so could result in compromised vehicle stability and serious personal injury to vehicle occupants or others.

You can remove the tailgate for more loading room.

    Locate and disconnect the in-line connector. It is under the pickup box on the center right-hand side of the vehicle near the spare tire.
    There is a protective cap in the glove box. Install it on the in-line connector that remains under the pickup box.
    Partially lower the tailgate. Carefully feed the tailgate harness up through the gap between the pickup box and the bumper and place it out of the way under the pickup box.
    Lower the tailgate.

    Lift the tailgate to 45 degrees from horizontal.
    Lift the right side off its hinge.


    Remove the tailgate from the left-hand side hinge by sliding it to the right.

Reverse the steps to reinstall the tailgate.


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