Compare Ford Ranger Dimensions

Periodical auto owner needs burdens car makers to generate modernistic types that have higher potency, various functions, as well as measurements. If you are reflecting on the very last one and attempt to size up what dimensions your respective Ford Ranger has, one may be confident in our site. On this webpage, we offer varied charts and tables along with correct fine points in reference to the Ford Ranger qualities, in particular, the very dimensions. Vehicle owners really have so many desires to fulfill - amenity, flexibility, easy parking process, efficient fuel intake, and many other things. That is why the dimensions of your respective Ford Ranger can become one of the key elements to think over when attempting to pick a whole new vehicle. Great, everyone knows 3 dimensions including height metrics, width metrics, and length metrics. The height of your own Ford Ranger can be sized up beginning with the lowermost part to the tallest point. Width may be a significant thing for any person, who has a narrow storage area, due to the fact that this second measuring identifies the largest sides of the Ford Ranger apart from the car mirrors. The very last dimension is the length of the Ford Ranger and so as to see it an auto driver should determine it from the car`s back bumper and finish with the front side and lay an instrument (like a yardstick) on the flooring to rack up correct figures. Regularly, a normal vehicle length metric is about ten and eighteen feet. To conclude, it is possible to surely do the specifications from the Ford Ranger alone, nonetheless, our company`s automobile experts have previously reviewed the needful vehicle instructions and recognized sites so that one has an opportunity to quickly make out dimensions of any Ford Ranger from our charts.


How many inches long is a Ford Ranger?

Inside length: 72.8 inches. Width between wheelhouses: 44.8 inches. Inside height: 20.8 inches. Cargo box volume: 51.8 cubic feet.

How wide is the roof of a Ford Ranger?

Regular Cab

Roof Height: 1800 mm. Width with/without mirrors: 2163/1860 mm. Width with mirrors folded: 1977 mm.

How wide is the inside of a Ford Ranger?

Inside Length: 61.0 inches. Inside Height: 20.8 inches. Inside Width (Between Wheelhouses): 44.8 inches.

How wide is a Ford Ranger truck bed?

Measuring 61-inches long, the pickup truck's bed still manages to accommodate your cargo, despite the fact that it's spoiling your passengers. Measuring the same 44.8 inches wide and 20.8 inches high, the SuperCrew® manages to haul an impressive 43.3 cubic feet of cargo space.

How long is a Ford Ranger short bed?

2021 Ford Ranger Bed Dimensions

Inside length: 72.8 inches. Width between wheelhouses: 44.8 inches. Inside height: 20.8 inches.

How wide is a 99 Ford Ranger bed?

The ford ranger stepside bed dimensions are 73 inches on a regular short bed and 85 inches on a regular long bed.

How much space is in the back of a Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger Bed Dimensions

6-foot SuperCab: With the SuperCab configuration, the bed dimensions are 72.8 inches x 44.8 inches x 20.8 inches, and the total volume is 51.8 cubic feet.

How wide is a 2001 Ford Ranger bed?

The bed dimensions for the 2001 Ford Ranger are 61.0 inches long, by 44.8 inches wide by 20.8 inches deep.

Are all Ford Ranger beds the same?

The Super Cab trims all have A5' bed length while the bed of the SuperCrew iS6' in length. The length has remained the same over the fourth generation of vehicles which began with the 2019 model year. Ford chose to reduce the overall length from the third generation (third facelift) which had 6' and 8' truck beds.

What is the bed size of Ford Ranger 2021?

With the SuperCab configuration, the bed dimensions are: Cargo Box Volume:1,466 litres. Inside Length:1,848 millimetres. Inside Height:1,138 millimetres.

Does a Ford Ranger have a 6 foot bed?

The Ford Ranger offers you the choice of a 5-foot or 6-foot bed. The 5-foot bed is attached to the SuperCrew® cabin, which can seat five passengers. With this bed, you will have 43.3 cubic feet of volume you can use to carry and transport supplies to your home or job site.

How wide is a 2003 Ford Ranger bed?

The 2003 Ford Ranger regular cab came with the option of two bed lengths. Ford built all Flareside models with a length of 72 inches, while Styleside models measure either 72 or 84 inches. Both versions have a width of 54.3 inches.

How long is Ford Ranger bed with tailgate down?

Exactly, so with the tailgate down it will be 78-1/4” minimum to a maximum of 79” or somewhere in between.

How long is a 2000 Ford Ranger bed?

Ranger comes in three sizes: A regular cab is available with 6- or 7-foot cargo beds, and the SuperCab extended-cab version comes with the 6-foot bed. Short-bed models are available with optional flared rear fenders, which Ford calls Flareside.

Is the Ford Ranger spacious?

This Ford is available in four-seat SuperCab and five-seat SuperCrew body styles. The front seats of both models are comfortable and spacious enough for taller occupants.

How wide is a 2002 Ford Ranger rear end?

The ford ranger 8.8 Has a rear end width of 56.5 To 58.5" Depending on the model.

How long is a 2004 Ford Ranger bed?

Rangers come in three sizes and with a choice of two cabs and bed lengths. Regular-cab pickups are available with a 6- or 7-foot cargo bed, while the SuperCab (extended-cab) version is fitted exclusively with a 6-foot bed.